Products and Services

Turnkey Contracts

Agri Services has two offices in the two key growing regions of Florida. In each office, we employ a production manager, a foreman, equipment operators and laborers. Every office has service vehicles, backhoe loaders, trenchers and tractors. In addition to the equipment already mentioned, Winter Haven has three boom trucks to install, service and repair turbine and submersible pumps. Locations, equipment and inventory are all very important but there is one key ingredient that completes the equation: Well trained employees. Agri Services has foremen with as much as 25 years of underground experience.

Our offices are located in:

  • Fort Pierce, representing the East coast flat-woods region
  • Winter Haven, the Ridge.

Repair Service

Over the last 32 years, we have learned that a sound hydraulic design, good product applications and excellent workmanship are not enough. All that has to be followed with full time irrigation mechanics, foremen and laborers who are ready at a moment’s notice to maintain or repair the irrigation system. At Agri Services we employ mechanics, equipment operators, foremen and laborers, some with as much as thirty years in the industry.

Wholesale Irrigation Parts

Agri Services is every farmers “one stop shop” for wholesale irrigation supplies, drainage supplies and sprayer parts. Each store has approximately $140,000.00 in inventory in irrigation. drainage and sprayer parts.

We represent the most trusted names in agricultural irrigation, names you will recognize. Because we are a contractor, not just a wholesaler, we know what works and what does not. We will not sell you what we do not sell our own construction crews.

Finally, our business is agricultural irrigation not commercial, residential or industrial. That means you will never find yourself or your employees waiting in line behind “Joe Home Owner” attempting to purchase a 3/4″ 90 degree elbow or a pop-up sprinkler. Knowledgeable counter sales people understand the products we represent and understand that time is money.

Hydraulic Design

An excellent irrigation system requires a sound hydraulic design. At Agri Services, our engineers adhere to standards that exceed or meet standards set by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Engineering Designs (PDF)


At Agri Services we currently employ four technicians who travel performing calibrations on wells, meters, surface water pumping stations and other withdrawal facilities. We are certified through GE Infrastructure Sensing to perform calibrations for South West Florida Water Management District, South Florida Water Management District and St. Johns Water Management District.
Certification of Calibration

Chemical Maintenance

We are extremely pleased to announce the addition of REGAL gas chlorinators to our fine product line. Without any doubt, we feel that REGAL is the best chlorinator on the market today…at any price. It is manufactured by Chlorinators Incorporated, which is the only company in the country specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of gas chlorinators. Please contact us for REGAL information and demonstrations…

  • For assistance on new installations
  • When replacing an existing water treatment system
  • If you are tired of high parts and service costs
  • If you think all gas chlorinators are too complicated
  • For automatic switchover and multiple-point application systems